Do’s and Don’ts of Tourists

Getting an online Vietnam visa has been made seamless with the introduction of initiatives such as visa on arrival and other forms of short term travel visa. There is a high influx of tourist per year in magnificent historical places such as Vietnam’s imperial citadel and other very unique attractive sites. A Vietnam Visa is all you need to experience the great scenery and aesthetics of culture. As tourism is at an all-time high it is also imperative as human beings to first understand that being a tourist in a developing country such as Vietnam which has its ideas, culture, and reservations for certain lifestyle, dressing and overall character, has its effects. Here are the Do’s and don’ts   of tourist in Vietnam.

Dressing- when you arrive at a place, it is necessary to study the immediate environment.  Vietnamese women dress in a conservative manner; this is in regard to culture which is held in high regards. So perhaps a bit more covering would help you fit in and avoid disrespectful stares.

Safety of valuables- every place has its bad eggs and being a tourist makes you vulnerable to theft. Always keep your valuable such as money, jewelries, passport and credit cards safe from visibility, perhaps walking in groups would help dissuade such intent from unscrupulous locals.

Public display of affection- if you are travelling with a loved one such as fiancé or wife, it would be a great idea to leave the affection  display in the hotel lodge as locals may have reservations to this and find it immoral. Hey…this is not exactly Paris, and I’m pretty sure your partner won’t mind the wait.

Tourists are always welcome in Vietnam and it’s a warm friendly place for a holiday. However, it is always necessary to recognize the dos and don’ts in order to have a wonderful positive experience.