What Kinds Of Pool Pump Are There?

If you have a swimming pool at you home then surely you will have knowledge about the different purposes of the pool pump. It does not matter what kinds of the pool pump is installed in your swimming pool. You just have knowledge only about that one have installed at your home. When you will browse your internet on kinds of the Pentair pool pump, it will not be amazed that your screen will be containing numbers of pool pumps.

Today we will talk about the different kinds of pool pump later in this article. Those all different variants of pool pump are playing a vital role to keep your pool neat and clean. A better quality pool pump is responsible to keep your swimming pool ready for swimming all the time. In simple words, we can say that pool pump is the world leader of every swimming pool.

Different kinds of pool pump

This section of the article will be useful especially for those who want to buy a new or replace their pool pump. We are going to discuss different variants of pool pumps so they will be able to know about the different variants of the pump. Here is a list that has numerous variants of the pool that are included:

  • Hayward super pump 1.5 HP
  • Intex Krystal clear sand
  • Hayward maxflo VS
  • Pentair intelliflo variable
  • Hayward power-flo LX
  • Harris proforce

These are some more popular variants are available in the market. If you want to get more detail on each variant of pool pump then no much better than the internet.


Above mentioned are some of the pumps which will help in proper cleaning of your pool without facing any major problem. You can do all the cleaning effortlessly and efficiently.