Zinus Mattress Review: What Makes It Different From The Rest?

Zinus has been producing a lot of affordable bedding products for a while. Among the many mattresses, Zinus Pressure Relief Mattress has caught the attention. This mattress has been designed for improving the efficiency of the sleep as well as sleep time. It offers incredible comfort, and support no matter what your sleeping position is. This Zinus mattress review will let take a deep look into the product itself.


  • Comfortable and firm
  • Relieves pressure
  • Good edge support
  • No pain on waking up
  • Minimal transfer of motion
  • No hot sleeping


  • Little heavy
  • Initial odor in the beginning

Features and Benefits

The features that set this mattress apart from the rest is the comfort and firmness. It consists of blended layers of comfort, support and pressure relief just to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable sleep. If you always complained about waking up with a backache, then forget about this issue as long as you are using Zinus mattress. It contains a Biofoam which keeps the mattress fresh and safe.


Zinus Mattress consists of 3 layers, they are:

Layer 1:3 inches Memory Foam

It is meant to cradle your body and provide it comfort throughout the night

Layer 2: 3 inches Pressure Relieving Foam

It is meant to provide pressure relief to make sure you wake up pain-free

Layer 3: 6 inches High Density Base Support Foam

It is meant to provide relief to the body from all kinds of sleeping pains


To make the mattress last longer, maintenance is necessary. Use a mattress protector because the cover of the mattress cannot be washed. It is recommended to rotate the mattress quarterly to make the most out of it.

Zinus mattress comes with 10-year warranty so, if you have any trouble, you can always get it fixed by the manufacturers.