What Do The Honey Badgers Eat?

A common misconception regarding the Honey Badger is – they live on honey. Well no, they don’t really die without a constant supply of honey; rather they are pretty dangerous predators when it comes to hunting. According to a study, more than sixty Honey Badger preys were discovered from the Kalahari Desert alone. This carnivore really like to taste sweet stuff, honey mostly, but not limited to honey. Smaller creatures like beetles, scorpions, lizards, other rodents, birds and insect larvae are Honey Badgers’ favorite diet. They even predate reptiles that are larger than them like small crocodiles and pythons. Even the Cobras and Black Mambas top the list of Honey Badgers favorite snacks.

How do Honey Badgers find a Prey?

Honey Badgers are gifted with long claw, strong jaw and sharp teeth. This provides them with the ultimate advantage in digging and killing. Sniffing through nose, the Honey Badgers can very accurately locate their prey and later get to them through digging through the ground if needed. Whenever hungry, the Honey Badgers can dig around 50 holes at a time. Also, on a quest for finding food the Honey Badgers can more than 40 kilometers in a day’s span. If nothing on the ground feels tasty enough, a Honey Badger will climb to the topmost branch of a long tree.

Have you been wondering where is honey in all these diets?

Honey Badgers do eat honey. Honey Badgers tend to go a great distance to discover honeybee hives and raid them for what they crave. Since they have quite a great padding on their skins, worrying about bee stings is not something they are familiar with.

Honey Badgers occasionally drink water although their water needs are quite fulfilled from the foods they eat.


Honey Badgers diet is quite a thing. But no matter what they eat, they will always be called the ‘Honey Badgers’.