General Games Found At UG5

In search for simple and fun games where players aren’t required to purchase anything or add friends on social media accounts just to avail bonuses? You’re in luck because unblocked games UG5 still host these games, the kind of games you likely grew up with. At unblocked games UG5, the games are divided into categories for the convenience of the players since there are dozens of icons displayed. Out of the handful of categories, we’ll focus on ‘general’ category and the best that it has to offer.

Feed Me Moar

Feed Me Moar’s story is comprised of a scientist that accidentally mutated his pet hamsters, turning them into huge monsters that want nothing more than to eat. The graphics incredibly cute, the game is overall interactive and it really gets you thinking. Before the hamsters get fed, players need to find a way to make sure that the food gets to them; close a hatch here, open a magnet there, burn some rope on the other side, turn on the propeller to feed one hamster and turn it off to feed the other. Initial levels lay out proper foundation for players to get used to all the little functions and around the tenth level players won’t require any more hints.

New Splitter Pals

Hope you’re ready to think back on the laws of physics and gravity because the New Splitter Pals is a game that revolves around it. Here, obstacles are set with two avatars, one yellow and one orange. It’s the player’s job to cut items in such a way that it results in getting one avatar to the next. In order to advance to the next set of levels, a specific number of stars has to be earned; apart from thinking how the two avatars meet, the orange one has to collect stars along the way.