Awesome Whatsapp Plus features that You Might Have Overlooked

With every new app, there are always new techniques to master it. No one can learn right away. But, when we talk about WhatsApp Plus, it hit a billion users within a few days. WhatsApp Plus is extremely easy to use. However, the messenger does have a few twists that don’t go right away, obviously. It is important for one to learn some tricks before getting their hands on any app. The new WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded from here. You can get all the info you need from the link.

How does WhatsApp plus even work?

We all know that WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used by millions. Each day 42 billion messages go dropped and 250 million videos.

  • Functioning

This app is currently available for iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerrys and various Windows devices. After you have installed this app, you will immediately get to enter your personal cell phone number. This works the same way as SMS but it is more advanced.

  • Navigation

The navigation system of WhatsApp Plus is incredibly advanced. You will not have to worry about any data loss issue. All of your data is secure and you will be able to send lengthy data through WhatsApp plus. You can obviously save your contacts, update statuses and show your availability to those who you want.

  • Wi- Fi Calling

You can only access WhatsApp plus if you have internet services. When the WhatsApp was introduced, it did not have enough features but now, the app is completely refined. You can now even call your friends through WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Plus has even more than this feature. You can even video call. A lot of old features of WhatsApp have been improved and used in the new WhatsApp plus.

No app makes instant communication easy and fun like Whatsapp Plus. Go download now and have fun.