Most Hated Nice Guy

The Most Hated Nice Guy: John Cena

Hey guys, welcome to today’s post! Some of our writers are big wrestling fans and we’ve always heard them bickering about one wrestler in particular: John Cena. We wanted to give them this space to elaborate on why they call him “The most Hated Nice Guy”.


Who is John Cena?

For those who have been living under a rock, John Cena is a professional sports entertainer for the WWE. He is pretty much the face of the company and he’s been literally everywhere. You’ve probably seen him in memes, TV spots and even movies.

The guy is really everywhere. His gimmick is all about “hustle”, “loyalty”, and “respect”.

Why do people hate him?

When you’re a sports entertainer you will have fans that shall either love you or hate you. Cena’s career has been long and fruitful. He’s been a repeat champion—something that most sports entertainers don’t really get to do no matter how long they’ve been in the business.

The longtime WWE fans now pretty much brush him off as a one-trick pony. They say that a usual John Cena fight will go like this:

  • Start strong
  • Get weak
  • Reverse with a finisher
  • Win

It’s a rinse and repeat formula that has not really changed in the grand scheme of things. However, the thing is that John Cena has experienced losses. They’re all just eclipsed with the sheer magnitude of his wins.

The Nice Guy

John Cena, from what anyone who has ever worked with him or for him will tell you, he’s a really good guy. He has an intelligent head on his shoulders and he knows what his goals are. He takes good care of his family. He’s driven and respectful.

Somehow, some fans don’t care about that bit. That’s sports entertainment for you. No matter what, love him or hate him, he’s still one of the more successful sports entertainers in history.…