Sliding Miter Saw: Purchase Guide for the Apt Model

There are various types of miter saws. The standard miter saw makes straight cross cuts at various angles. However, for framing purposes, the 45 degree is most useful. The compound miter saw, the dual compound miter saw and the sliding compound miter saw are other types of miter saw.

Purchase Guide

  • The Sliding Miter Saw are used to cut wide boards. With the sliding feature, radial arm saw provides the back and forth movement of the saw head. With this feature, the board size can be increased while making the crosscut.
  • The sliding miter saw is used to make cuts in one direction. For making two direction cuts, the dual-bevel type of compound miter saw can be used.
  • For making smaller cuts that give importance to accuracy and precision, the blade should be small. If you require a very minute cut, the laser guide can also be used.
  • Choose a motor that is powerful for making the fast cut on wood. With a powerful motor, the cut can be made fast and deep.
  • For working outside your office premises, you will need a cordless miter saw as you will not be able to connect to electrical outlets. However, the corded sliding miter saw can be purchased, if the miter saw is going to remain stationary and does not have to be carried out of the office premises.
  • For outside work, a light sliding miter saw is sufficient as it can be portable and can be carried easily.
  • For hobbyists, a simple model will be sufficient and he need not invest much in a bigger model. However, for use in job sites, the user can invest more with additional features.
  • However, the sliding miter saws do not have good dust collection feature and this is its main disadvantage