Grindr For A Different Set Of Dating Preferences

Everyone has their own types and preferences when it comes to people that they want to date or be friends with; you can’t please everybody and vice versa. Finding a place to meet new people is also challenging, especially when you’re in experienced with the whole dating game. Apart from going out and actually talking to random people, you could try a free dating app. We’re sure that you’ve already tried an app like Tinder, but it sadly doesn’t suit your preferences but Grindr might.


With functions and features similar to the typical free dating app, Grindr was made available back in 2009 and since then its popularity has skyrocketed especially for people who are queer, gay, trans and bi. Millions of users register on a daily basis from various cities and countries across the globe; it will bring you closer to a community you’re comfortable with. A few years back, Grindr was limited to being a dating app but now it’s a gateway to a progressive and fashionable lifestyle; their collaborations and content involving fashion, photography and social issues pave the way for new and exciting upgrades.

Grindr has undeniably perfected the great process of searching for the ideal type you’re aiming for; whether you want a twenty year old Twink or a Discreet Jock and everyone in between it’s likely you’ll see them in Grindr. Users could choose to link accounts from other social media networks for convenience; at least you won’t start from scratch. As of now, Grindr has over six million registered users as well as more than two million unique users worldwide. Thanks to the filters, users may shift among twelve varying tribes, ages, interests and types. Do be careful of catfishing, the easy signup creates difficulty in knowing who’s real and fake.