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Unique And Trendy Taxis You Might Not Know Exists

The most well known taxi would undeniably be New York City’s yellow cabs; even if you haven’t been to the city before, you’ve likely seen it in movies and series. But New York City’s yellow cabs are far from the best or even coolest. Right now, somewhere in the world someone is taking a cool taxi noi bai gia re, one that you might not even imagine was real. Here are some of the coolest taxis in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is already known for the incredibly efficient, polite and tidy people in the country so it’s not all that surprising that the values extend to their cab drivers. What’s amazing about it is that the Japanese taxi cab drivers actually wear chauffeur’s hats, white gloves and freshly ironed clothes. Another unique feature on their taxi is the crank device that the driver uses to pop open the back door.


When it comes to taxi cabs, nothing says British more than their London hackney cabs; much like when you see their red phone booths, seeing their hackney cab would leave an incredibly British impression on you. Constantly ranked as one of the best and trendiest taxi cabs in the world, the drivers can effectively navigate your route all throughout the 25,000 twisted roads.



If you get the chance to visit Moscow, the billionaire capital of the world, get ready to ride in style even though you went for a taxi back home to your hotel. If you expected the regular black and yellow taxi, you’d be shocked when a Maybach 62 or a classy Porsche Cayenne comes to pick you up; what else would you expect from a city with such an expensive title? Of course the fare may be a bit higher than expected, but it’s worth it.